Episode 13

Throne of Blood (1957)


July 30th, 2021

2 hrs 10 mins 15 secs

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About this Episode

Our first foray into acclaimed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa's work, his adaptation of Macbeth has it all!
A story of murder, betrayal, ghosts, and samurai, 1957's Throne of Blood (The Castle of the Spider's Web) is as epic as it is intense, especially thanks to Toshiro Mifune's over-the-top performance and an unforgettable end scene.
Join us as we get in way over our heads on Shakespeare, Noh theatre, katanas, and witches.

Available to stream on Criterion channel or Amazon Prime.

Note: as a reference, we discuss Justin Kurzel's 2015 Macbeth film in this episode, and there are spoilers.

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