Episode 27

Saving Private Ryan (1998)


February 25th, 2022

2 hrs 35 mins 8 secs

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About this Episode

What has not already been said about this monumental film?

The Omaha Beach landing sequence it opens with is one of the most gritty and violently realistic combat scenes ever put on film to this day, and it gave a new generation of viewers an idea of what their grandparents had gone through in that war while they were still around to see it themselves.

Critics and viewers alike have long praised it as one of the best war films ever made (despite the admittedly schmaltzy prologue and epilogue).

On this episode of Danger Close, we examine the groundbreaking film in all its glory, through a nuanced discussion about the impact it has had on our culture, the characters’ search for human decency in the midst of chaos, and what we really think Spielberg was trying to say.

Next Episode: The Imitation Game (2014)

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