Episode 31

Charlotte Gray (2001)


April 22nd, 2022

1 hr 37 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

Directed by Gillian Armstrong and starring Cate Blanchett in the titular role, this is the fictionalized story of a British SOE (Special Operations Executive) operating in Nazi-occupied France in 1942. The character is a composite of several real women who worked as spies for the Allies during this time period. She is sent on missions to deliver packages to the resistance and help blow up a train, all the while searching for her lover who was shot down behind enemy lines.

A mix of spy film, biopic, and WWII thriller, this movie tries to do a lot; and between Blanchett and a supporting cast that includes Billy Crudup and Michael Gambon, it is certainly not lacking talent.

But can they pull off these three different genres in one? And how well does the film work overall? Join the Danger Close team and find out as we explore our first film featuring the French Resistance in Vichy France!

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