Episode 54

Black Hawk Down (2001)


January 12th, 2024

2 hrs 12 mins 9 secs

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About this Episode

Another good example of a modern war film produced before September 11th, this one puts us in the helicopters and humvees of Task Force Ranger during the humanitarian crisis in Somalia in 1993. Dispensing with most of the geo-political complexities that led to US forces deploying to East Africa, the focus here is mostly on the Rangers and Delta Force on the ground, who dropped into a hostile district with all the confidence of overwhelming force and technology, only to find out the hard way that a daytime raid and repetitive tactics were a recipe for disaster.

You may not recognize them all in a sea of later-famous faces: Josh Hartnett as the young staff sergeant, Ewan McGregor as the coffee expert, a young Tom Hardy in his first big picture, and a grizzled Tom Sizemore returning to a combat leadership role. The film really humanizes the American soldiers and makes you live their experiences, while…not really filling in the motivation of the Somali fighters or the context of the larger conflict.

This was a first-time watch for at least one of us! Join us today as we explore the Battle of Mogadishu and its hard-learned lessons.

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